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Rock climbing is an exciting sport and a type of recreation gaining worldwide popularity by the day. You can climb natural, outdoor rocks or the artifical, mostly indoor ones. There are two main types of climbing. The rope-free climbing, also called bouldering, takes place on boulders, i.e. lower rocks, while the so called lead climbing takes place on higher walls, and includes ropes and safety gear. The task is always to overcome a climbing route, or problem. Rock climbing is suitable for all age groups.

Rock climbing is simply - fun. It is also an exciting and challenging physical activity, with a number of positive effects on your health, from energy expenditure to socialization. Aside from overcoming potential fears (some beginners deal with this), climbers also get to perfect their climbing technique and improve on their coordination, focus and proper breathing. Rock climbing also makes your body produce adrenaline and other hormones that lower stress level and increase a sense of overall wellbeing.

Don't worry: at the very beginning you can get all the basic gear in our gyms. At first all you will need are comfortable clothes, special climbing shoes, and chalk or magnesium carbonate. The rock climbing shoes are specially designed for climbing to improve your footing and connection to the rock face. Chalk or magnesium carbonate is a drying agent for your hands that prevents slippage and improves grip.

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Rock climbing for adults

Rock climbing for adults

Rock climbing seems attractive but you have no idea where to start? Come to either one of our gyms and see for yourself what climbing looks like. And try to climb right there and then! Why not? Your climbing wall awaits you.

All the adults' courses

For all the basic climbing techniques, we recommend the basic bouldering course.

For those who love the heights and climbing with ropes, there's our introductory lead climbing course.

After learning the basics, join one of our guided advanced groups or continue to climb on your own when it suits you best.

Climbing for kids

Climbing is natural to us, and children prove that best. From early on they explore and climb the trees, furniture, parents, and playgrounds.

Get in touch and arrange a free trial session for your kid.

All the kids' courses

We have sessions for all ages, from 4 to 18 yrs.

Rock climbing develops focus, coordination and social skills.

But above all climbing is fun and an excellent way to spend energy.

Fothia Climbing for kids
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