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Fothia uvodni tečaj penjanja za odrasle
Zagreb Fair

Introductory bouldering course

Bouldering is one of the most popular sport climbing disciplines today. The training sessions on an artificial indoor rock are dynamic, fun and full of excitement. You will get to learn the basics of bouldering as well as some lead climbing basics. This course is meant primarily for the beginners and all those who feel they are not entirely comfortable with the way they move on the rock.

60,00 € (452,07 kn) / person

4 x 90 minutes


Phone +385 95 8581 661

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Zagreb Fair

Advanced bouldering course

So you have completed the introductory course, have some basic knowledge and now want to learn more and train more ambitiously? Great, the advanced courses are made for you. Choose a schedule that suits you, and come in for 8 monthly sessions. These courses are made both for beginners and the advanced climbers who want to learn more.

95,00 € (715,77 kn) / person

8 sessions a month

Fothia napredni tečaj penjanja boulderinga za odrasle
Fothia individualni tečaj penjanja za odrasle
Zagreb Fair

Individual sessions

You are done with the introductory course, but cannot move up from 6A level? No problem, that’s what individual sessions are for. They are made both for beginners and the advanced climbers who want to learn more and progress. The program is made based on the climber’s availability and skill level, with the instructor’s supervision.

30,00 (226,03 kn) €/1h + fee/membership

More hours and packages upon agreement

Outdoor rock climbing

Climbing in nature

The course takes place several times annually, and is lead by licensed trainers and instructors. Aside from training sessions and lectures in our gyms, there are 4 daily trips and one 2-day trip during which climbers visit selected natural rocks and spend time in nature. The course covers everything but the climbing shoes: sports insurance, professional photographer, membership fee.

Takes place in Spring, Summer or Fall

Lead by licensed instructors and trainers

5 trips included

All gear includes except the climbing shoes

Photos taken by professional photographer

Fothia tečaj penjanja u prirodi