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Fothia tečaj za djecu osnovni
Trainings for kids


Rock climbing is a perfect recreational activity for your kids: it is exciting, challenging and it gives the kids opportunity to spend time with their peers and make new friends. Artificial climbing rock develops quick thinking, focus and coordination. Bring your child in for a trial run and see for yourself. Rock climbing sessions take place 2 times a week, on a monthly basis. Depending on age, the sessions last for 60-90 minutes.

Trainings for kids

Advanced climbers

Fothia offers advanced training program for kids as well. They prepare the more serious and talented climbers for competitions. Our kids compete regularly in Croatian championships and international events. They are members of the national team and medal winners, which makes us very proud. Don’t forget: in 2020 climbing will become an Olympic sport! Perhaps you have a future Olympian right at your home?



Mental health

Aside from the obvious physical strain and overcoming possible fears, little climbers also learn how to solve problems, focus, stay positive and persevere in what they are doing, regardless of the difficulty.

Improved posture

Climbing strengthens the entire body, especially your kid’s back muscles, arms and legs. The result is an improved posture, quite a challenge these days considering the time kids spend seated or carrying school bags and backpacks.

Training for kids


1 session a week

50,00 € / month
135,00 € / 3 months

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2 sessions a week

60,00 € / month
165,00 € / 3 months

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3 session a week

80,00 € / month
225,00 € / 3 months

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4 sessions a week

83,00 € / month

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