Birthday parties

Kids love to climb

Birthday parties for kids

Climbing and laughter

Why should all the kids' birthdays be the same? Kids love surprises, so why not introduce them to a whole new way of playing and exploring? Our experience tells us: a rock climbing birthday party is guaranteed to become memorable for little ones, because our gyms are simply great for play, laughter and facing those first climbing challenges.


From 1.350 kn (179,17 €) up

Duration 2 hours

Ivana (please call between 10am and 6pm)

Info and reservations 092 284 66 78

Birthday parties for kids
Birthday parties for kids
West & Zagreb Fair

Experienced instructors

Birthday parties for kids take place on weekends. The party usually goes on for 2 hours, during which the kids get to try bouldering (climbing on low wall), lead climbing with ropes (only at Fothia West gym), big swing and the zip line.


Birthday party for kids

All climbing and adrenaline activities are lead and supervised by our experienced instructors. Under their watchful eye your kids will stay safe both when climbing and playing with other kids.

Birthday for kids in Fothia Zagreb Fair

Duration: 2 hours

Up to 30 participants/guests

Guaranteed fun